'Alone with me' music video out now


Lost in a world full of prototypes, rights and wrongs, Bella Skyller chose to go against the norms and found her sound by combining different styles and made it to her own. With a sense of perfection, warm tones, insightful words, rich melodies, she has found herself and her sound in the pop world. Her lyrics about love, life as young and restless girl, her emotional and passionated vocals, make her appear as an artist that would fit in most genres. 


Captivated by music since a very young age, the Swedish singer and songwriter started to sing English songs at the age of four, without knowing the meaning of the words. With a great memory for songs, she knew every single song that was on the radio. Not only singing has been warm to her heart, instrument was something she was very fascinated about. At the age of ten she decided to learn the guitar by her self, and nowadays she plays the piano too. Music was a big part of her childhood and she participated in musicals, dance classes and lessons for various instruments. 


Bella Skyller shines the most during her live performances when she gets to show her emotions and passion for her own songs and sounds. She does not have to be in the middle of the spotlight to be seen or heard. Her fresh sound, warming spirit and meaningful connection with her audience makes her live performances memorable, rare and powerful. 


Since she released her first single Love Me Louder in February 2018, her music has only grown. She now works with producers both in America and in Sweden. Bella has released five songs since her music career started and now she is working on her own Ep and singles that will be released this year.